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02.Dec.2011 Nokia Game Developer Day

Tendi will be at the Nokia Game Developer Day click here for more information.

04.Mar.2011 TriLinea ReAct is Here :D

TriLinea ReAct is now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games click here for more information.

21.Jan.2011 Where in the World is TriLinea ReAct

Where's TriLinea ReAct, Was it canceled? Is it ok? Is it even alive? all your answers and more click here.

22.Oct.2010 TriLinea ReAct and the IGF

It's been so long since our last blog post, but the wait is over.... click here.

18.Aug.2010 New DevBlog Post

Hello fellow friends, we have a new post and now with 100% more video power click here.

28.Jul.2010 TriLinea ReAct announced!

TriLinea ReAct announced with news and teaser screens, want to know more? just click here.

22.May.2010 DevBlog is online

Our devblog is finally online, but don't click just yet, with our new blog you will also receive our amazing new first post completely free, what are you waiting for, just click here. :)

10.Mar.2010 New Website !

Tendi’s website is up! We still have some “Work in Progress” areas, but feel free to navigate and send your suggestions under the contact tab.